Choral & Vocal Works


Missa Sancta Pauli Apostoli (SATB org, 2006) [Colla Voce]
Missa Sacré Coeur (choirs and orch, 2007)
Missa Sancti Benedicti I (2007)
Missa Sancti Benedicti II (2007)
Missa Brevis I (2008/2017)
Missa Sancti Dunstani (SATB, 2009)
Missa Sancti Beornwaldi (SATB, 2009)
Missa Collegium Sanctae Mariae Prope Wintoniam (2010)
Missa Westmonasterii Ecclesia Cathedralis (2010)
Missa Sine Nomine I (2011/2017)
Missa Sine Nomine II (2012/2017)
Missa Sancta Michaeli Archangeli (SSATB, 2012.2017)
Missa Sancti Vedasti (soprano and handbells, 2013/2017)
Missa Sancta Lucae Evangelista (SATB and handbells, 2014/15)
Missa Brevis II (2015)
Missa Brevis Sancta Marylebonensis (2017)
Missa Sine Nomine III (SSATB, 2017)
Missa Sancta Joannes Riga (2017-19)
Westron Wynde Mass (SATB + cantus firmus part, 2018)
Missa Sancti de Lucia (2019)

Evening Canticles

Evening Canticles, First Service (2005)
Evening Canticles, Second Service (Sops and org, 2007)
Evening Canticles, Third Service (St Pancras Canticles), (SSATB, 2007)
Evening Canticles, Fourth Service (2006/2017)
Evening Canticles, Fifth Service (The Bells) (2010)

Other sacred choral works

Vespers for Mary Magdalen (SATB, 1970) [Novello]
God’s Strange Ways (SATB, 1971) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Camrose Lord’s Prayer (voices, 1972) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Songs for a little child (soloists, 2 choirs, ensemble, 1973)
Dum transisset (SATB, 1979/2012)
A Song of Judith (SSA org, 2007) [Colla Voce]
Versicles & Responses (SATB, 2007)
A Great Multitude (SATB org, 2008)
Clarifica me Pater (SATB Cl and strings/organ, 2008)
Sha’alu Shlom Yerushalayim (SSA & harp, 2008)
Exultate Deo (SATB, 2008)
Requiem from Danse macabre (2011)
Mizmor Kaf Gimmel (solo voice & harp/keyboard)
Mizmor Kaf Gimmel (upper voices & harp/keyboard)
Ut queant laxis resonare fibris (2014/15)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (2014/15)
Stabat Mater (SATB and tubular bells, 2015)
Ave Maria I (SSATB, 2017)
Miserere Mei, Deus (SSA, 2017)
Stabat Mater II (SATB, harp, 2017)
Ave Maria II (SATB, 2018)


Everlasting Mary (SATB carol, 1969) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Carol (snow fell softly down) (1973)
Three Carols (1974-93) Shepherds’ Carol; Manger Carol; Bells Carol
NOEL (SSA, 1975)
Sweet Was The Song (SSA Pf, 2006)
Can it be true (SATB, 2014)
I syng of a mayden (SATB, organ, 2016)
Adam lay ybounden (SATB, harp, 2017)

Secular choral works

Canons (8 voices, 1970)
4 Groups (voices, 1970) [Novello]
Animals etcetera (voices, 1971) [Boosey & Hawkes]
It’s snowing (1972) [Boosey & Hawkes]
positives in series (serial one) (SATB, 1973)
hallofly & others (high voices & harp, 1974)
three times six (1974)
about time (singers, perc & piano, 1974)
abstraction three for voices (PARA-ODE) (1974)
peace music (SATB 1974)
Diary (children’s voices on tape, 1975)
come to the party (SATB 1977)
8 (8 solo voices, 1977)
harmonic systems (SATB, 1978)
it’s a flash (voices, 1978)
Spice Chart (2 amplified voices, 1979)
Fragments for Four (SATB, 1979)
…to the holy goddess, Sulis (2 amplified voices, 1981)
Driftwood (SATB, 2015)
Away! Away! Away! Away! (SATB, 2015)
Hymn to Aphrodite II (SSATB, 2017)
Tzitzikes Tis Kritis (voices, 2017)
Cries of London Town II (2018)

Solo Voice

country song (solo voice, 1974)
a dealful of pearls (voice & harpsichord, 1983)
Avebury Stone Circles (soprano and piano, 2013)
Dancing in the Sun-split Clouds (soprano and flute, 2013)
The Song of Solomon (soprano and harp 2014)
Heaven Haven (7 triolets in praise of Harwich, 2014)
Aphrodite and Adonis (soprano and marimba, 2015)
Songs of Sadness, Happiness and Love (song cycle for soprano and lute, 2015)
Cries of London Town (female/counter-tenor/male & handbells, 2016/17)
Five Schwitters Songs (solo voice, with or without piano, 2016)
Bird Songs For Loré Book 1 (solo voice, 2016-17)
The Richard Mutt Case (voice and 1 percussionist, 2017)
Sigiri Mirror Wall (baritone, piano & 5 strings, 2018)