Boudica – Percussion and Piano

“A visceral piece with the descriptive clarity of a tone poem, Boudica made a strong impression in its concert debut”

Paul Conway, Musical Opinion, October 2019

Violin Concerto

“It is a challenging piece, full of surprising moments”

Barry Creasy, Music OMH, April 2018

Danse macabre

“A sacred work of great dramatic intensity … The brilliance of Rose’s music lies in the way it fuses the approachable with the ultra-modern and challenging … Rose has evoked from Notke’s ‘Dance of Death’ story an absorbing musical masterpiece”

Roderick Dunnett, Church Times December 2011

“Powerfully expressive … there was much emotionalism and dramatic power in this music”

Igor Garšnek, Sirp, November 2011

“Rose’s work was so inspiring that the emotions created by the musicians dissipated any sense of anxiety … this work is a great work of art with a rich experience”

Sirje Vihma-Normet, Toronto Estonian Life, November 2011

“…a remarkable experiment in music theatre”

Paul Driver, The Sunday Times September 2015

“lithe and generous lines to sing, accompanied by some truly original combinations of instruments.”

Stephen Pritchard, The Observer, November 2015 ****

“Rose’s music exercises a gripping sense of immediacy. Evoking the timelessness of the past through contemporary means is a special gift … This is a piece of music-theatre that lingers long in the mind.”

Jonathan Woolf, Music Web International

“Rose is a composer who expertly combines old, medieval strict form and links this with the European avant-garde of the 20th century.”

Ott Kagovere, Eesti Ekspress, January 2016

Evening Canticles No. 3

“a fascinating, strikingly imaginative setting”

Roderic Dunnett, Church Times June 2007

Evening Canticles No. 4

“In the opening ‘Magnificat’, the vocal lines grew out of the opening undulating organ solo and there was an effective use of dynamic shading and contrast. The following ‘Nunc Dimittis’ began with an expressive solo line and ended, like its companion canticle with a euphoric, full-throated doxology”

Paul Conway, Musical Opinion, 2018

Avebury Stone Circles – Song Cycle for soprano and piano

“Gregory Rose has been able to create a large and important work … that … made a strong impression.”

Robert Matthew-Walker, Classical Source, 2014