“Gregory Rose is a dazzlingly clever conductor…”

Morgenposten Fyens Stifstidende, Denmark

“Throughout, Gregory Rose directed with the authority and dedication that make his concerts regularly among the liveliest and most original in the London concert calendar.”

The Independent

“…the performance was neckbreakingly brilliant.”

‘Sirp’, Tallinn, Estonia

“…virtuos, magisk klangteater.”

Expressen, Sweden

“Gregory Rose is an inspiring, schooled and able leader.”

Foedrelandsvennen, Kristiansand, Norway

“…brilliantly and expressively performed.”

The Scotsman

“… conducted with marked sensitivity by Gregory Rose … the orchestra gave a not merely dedicated but outstanding performance from start to finish. Gregory Rose, with his command of the score, visible understanding of his young charges’ musical needs and beautifully clear coaxing, elicited from the large orchestra, the singers and creditable student chorus alike their magnificent and talented best.”

Opera Now

“A special word of praise is called for by the singing of the chorus (coached this year by Gregory Rose), who produced at times a richly resonating fullness of sound that seemed to belie the actual numbers on stage…”

The Irish Times

“The chorus, excellently trained by Gregory Rose and packed with talent, is easily equal to the demands.”

The Guardian

“…Gregory Rose’s expert direction.”


“…rapt luminosity of Gregory Rose’s Singcircle… “

The Sunday Telegraph