Gregory Rose: Orchestral Music

Performers: Peter Sheppard Skærved, Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Gregory Rose – conductor

Label: Toccata Classics

Release date: March 2020

Buy/stream: Coming soon

The English composer and conductor Gregory Rose here presents a programme of some of his recent orchestral compositions, prefaced by a 90th-birthday tribute to Aaron Copland. Many of these pieces show the influence of Stravinsky in their angular melodies, brittle harmony, hieratic gestures and fondness for dance. Rose’s Violin Concerto, a single span of nine interlocking episodes, has a similar sense of implicit drama: it casts the soloist as the central character whom the instruments of the orchestra engage in dialogue as the work progresses.

  • Birthday Ode for Aaron Copland (1990)
  • Red Planet (2013–14, rev. 2019)
  • Violin Concerto (2017)
  • Suite pour Cordes (2017)
  • Seven Dances from Danse macabre (2011)
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